Devblog 143 – RustaValley server update!

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Hi Everyone im doing server update now. Devblog 143 is out.




Devblog 143 – This update.

Cost Changes

The wood armor was never supposed to need cloth after we added the rope item. This is now fixed and it should be easier to craft. I’ve also drastically reduced the cost of water buckets, as you’ll need them for…

Farming 1.5

I’ve reworked a bunch of the farming mechanics. It may not seem like a priority, but I’m trying to get old forgotten features ship-shape and ready for prime time.

You’re not forced to do anything differently: if you really want to you can spam lines of hemp/pumpkins outside and it’ll grow just like it used to. However, if you have a green thumb, you can take care of your plants by placing them in a planter (2x growth speed) and give them light 24 hours a day via the ceiling light (2x growth speed), and if you pour fresh water into the planter you’ll notice the soil gets darker (temp effect). As the plants grow they will consume this water. Given enough water over its lifetime, the yield of the plant can double! Salt water, however, will completely dry them out. It’s not complete, we need more artwork and shader features, and I’d like to do a genetics thing where you can clone good plants or extract high quality seeds, but it’s a good enough start. Enjoy!

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