New Bloom Update

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Hello everybody , With the new wipe comes new challenges and to make it more fun for everyone we have decided to implement some new changes to the server.

UpdateLog –

  1. The Gather rate has been taken down from x10 to x3 . 
  2. The Server hosting has been optimized for a more smoother experience on the server
  3. Some new kits have been added for your convenience.
    Kit components , Kit presents , Kit start , Kit food.
  4. Server Registry has been optimized for a lagless experience
  5. Concept of airdrops has been changed. Now you get 2 Airdrops Per vote .
  6. Reduced map size you can bring out the big guns . ( You know what I mean right ) 
  7. Concept of getting C4 has been changed . Now you get 3 C4 Per vote.
  8. Helicopter will come in every 2 Hours. Lookout for m249s.
  9. Clan size has been increased from 8 to 10 . Go make new friends .
  10. Server radiation has been fixed , now you won`t experience any Radiation in monuments .

The reason we did this is to make the wipe more challenging .Some kit changes will happen this wipe as well. Lookout for that as well.

Rest after a few days forced wipe will be happening , we will be giving out newbloom v2 .

The new update map –



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