Next update? Almost here.

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RustaValley server will be wiped today ( including xp ) This week we will add new 5k map!

Rust update highlights:

  • Double barrel shotgun
  • Increased throwable and arrow headshot multiplier to 1.5
  • Increased revolver cylinder to hold 8 rounds
  • Increased semi auto pistol magazine to hold 10 rounds
  • Loot tables: slightly more chance of ammo, slightly less of weapons
  • Full clothing and armor balancing pass (15% more body damage when fully geared)
  • Bandage and syringe no longer revive players.

The double barrel shotgun is here. This mid-level shotgun accepts all shotgun ammo (handmade, buckshot, and slug), fires two rounds (one at a time) before needing a reload. The double barrel shotgun will unlock at level 15.




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