RustaValley x3 News!

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Welcome to RustaValley x3 – 3x Free Airdrop Every 5h ( 100 SLOTS SERVER )

Great action and a great community server for all players around the world! Join us today on RustaValley x3

The main features on our server are
* All BluePrints Unlocked!
* Gather x3
* Improved Loot from Airdrops
* Long Day – Short Night
* Skip NIght Plugin
* Better Cupboards
* Kits (Autokit, Component, Airdrop, Meds, Ammo, Food, Build, VIP)
* New Items
* Daily Events
* Teleportation
* Bgrade 1,2,3,4
* Stacks
* Friendly Fire
* Remove
* Anticheat
* PM
* Ranks

Look for RustaValley x3 in the server list ( Modded ) or type the following in F1 console:


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