RustaValleyx10 – Clan commands in game

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RustaValleyx10 – Clan commands in game

Chat Commands
/c <message> – Send a message to all clan members
/a <message> – Send a message to all clan members and allied clans
/clanhelp – Displays help
/clanhelp member – Displays commands for clan members
/clanhelp moderator – Displays commands for clan moderators
/clanhelp owner – Displays commands for clan owners

Clan Member Commands
/clan create <tag> – Create a new clan
/clan join <tag> – Join a clan if you have a invite
/clan leave – Leave you current clan
Clan Moderator Commands
/clan invite <partialname> – Invite a player to join your clan
/clan invite cancel <partialname/ID> – Cancel a pending invite
/clan kick <partialname/ID> – Kick a player from your clan
Clan Owner Commands
/clan promote <partialname/ID> – Promote a clan member to clan moderator
/clan demote <partialname/ID> – Demote a clan moderator to clan member
/clan disband – Disband your clan
/clan ally request <tag> – Request an alliance with another clan
/clan ally accept <tag> – Accept an alliance invite
/clan ally decline <tag> – Decline a alliance request
/clan ally cancel <tag> – End a clan alliance

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